Localization of production

Companies, which work on international markets and export their goods and services, sooner or later face challenges with their competitors, who can propose less prices to their clients. Cost advantages can be provided by e.g.  localization of production facilities. 

Here is a short overview of core advantages, why it makes sense to think about localization of production facility:


Bridge & Stairs can provide customized proposals for localization of your production facilities in 

Croatia and Kazakhstan 

Depending on your business, strategy and targeted audience, both countries provide great opportunities for placing a factory and deliver your markets such as:

From Croatia to EU countries with targeted audience of 500 000 000 consumers
From Kazakhstan to China, Middle Asia and others. 

Our services would include:

  • Strategy development
  • Evaluation of most appropriate locations and special economic zone, based on your targets
  • Overview of financial and tax preferences for foreign companies and especially for your industry 
  • Costs overview for localization of your production
  • Application and support in receiving of governmental subsidies and preferences

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